RadioNetworks - People

RadioNetworks started its activity in 2001 when I became Full Professor at the University of Bologna.

People currently participating to my research group:

  • Danilo Abrignani, engineer @ DEIS

  • Raffaele Barra, technical and project assistant @ CNIT

  • Giorgia Bertozzi, executive assistant @ CNIT

  • Chiara Buratti, research associate @ DEIS

  • Riccardo Cavallari, engineer @ DEIS


People currently or recently collaborating with Radio Networks @ UniBo:

David Gesbert (Eurecom Institute, FR), Mariam Kaynia (NTNU, NO), Lorenza Giupponi (CTTC, ES), Kaveh Ghaboosi (CWC, FI), Raffaele D'Errico (CEA-LETI, FR) ... and others.

Formerly in my research group, now no longer:

Antonella Munna (now at UniBo, Italy), Daniele Sangiorgi (now at ASTER, Italy), Luca Giuliani (now at Eurecomtel, Italy), Francesco Mete (now at EBWorld, Italy), Mirko Falavigna (now at T3Lab, Italy), Marco Sinigaglia (now in the UK), Virginia Corvino (now in France), Andrea Carniani (now at TekoTelecom, Italy), Flavio Fabbri (now at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Eugenio Giordano (now in California, US).