Project Management and Soft Skills


Project Management and Soft Skills

3 credits - Second cycle

Thursday, 9-11. Room 1.4.



The student will undergo an oral exam. Prior to the date of the exam (BY MIDNIGHT, THE DAY BEFORE) the student will deliver via email to the instructor:

1) a one page report of a freely selected lecture, following the template provided by the instructor ("One page report template")

2) a three page project proposal, following the template provided by the instructor ("Project Proposal Template")

3) a SWOT analysis related to his/her future career after graduation.

4) a powerpoint presentation in pitch style of the idea identified (and submitted through the project proposal template), following the guidelines for presentations discussed during the course.

During the exam, all above items will be discussed orally. The pitch presentation will be given three minutes.

Team work (in groups) is appreciated.

Students will not be admitted to the oral exam unless they follow carefully instructions above

Oral Exam Dates: to be agreed with students

Slides: Intro ProjectManagement Communications HowToConduct HowToMake DIDA Job Roles Next

One page report template

Project Proposal Template

Other to come...