IDESIO, an innovative startup, was founded in January 2016, as a spin-off of RN. Six co-founders: Danilo, Stefan, Andrea, Riccardo (all of them with a PhD pursued in 2016 from the RN group), Francesco (affiliated to the RN group for some time in 2005, now CEO of an other company, EBWorld) and myself.

IDESIO provides IoT services through several wireless technologies, with the support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). Application areas of interest include environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, asset tracking in outdoor areas.

In fact, when regulations do not allow the use of drones, our system can be mounted over a pole, or a tower, offering coverage to IoT devices around.

In 2016, IDESIO was accelerated by the startup programme of TIM #WCAP. IDESIO was one of the winners of the 2016 Marzotto prize.

The first commercial service offered by IDESIO was through Heron, a Zigbee-3G gateway able to collect data from ground nodes (about one hundred nodes read per second).

The second product is Albatross, a LoRa-3G gateway (with proprietary LoRa protocol) able to poll three ground sensors per second up to distances of several Kilometers. Albatross is currently used for the implementation of a smart city application in the city of Bologna, and for the tracking of Red Cross rescue/emergency staff members during critical missions. On October 1st, 2017, Albatross was used to track the positions of Red Cross teams in the city of Bologna, during the visit to the city of the Pope; the gateway was mounted on the city hall tower.

Other products designed by IDESIO are Penguin, Mole and Hamster.

Beginning of 2019, all co-founders (except myself) sold their shares to Embit srl, now controlling the company.

A very short story of IDESIO can be read here.


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