This course is actually a list of seminars, illustrating research or industry trends in telecommunications.

List of seminars:


Material provided by speakers:

Buracchini Part I






Al Sukkar



Van der Tol


Detailed Rules for Exam:

After the end of the course:

  • the student will contact via email the instructor (Prof Verdone);
  • the instructor will assign to the student a set of three seminars among those given in the course;
  • the student will choose autonomously one out of the three seminars and prepare a 15 min presentation summarising the contents of the seminar;
  • when the student is ready, he/she will send an email to the instructor requesting an appointment for exam;
  • the date of the exam will be agreed via email, possibly within the next seven days – if exam period as per School’s rules;
  • at the exam, the 15 min presentation is given, followed by a discussion on the contents of the seminar. Additionally, basic questions will be made on the other two seminars of the set assigned to the student.

The set of three seminars will be chosen by the instructor, for each student:

  • among those the student has attended, if the student has attended at least eight seminars from #2 to #11 (signatures taken at the seminars)
  • randomly, in the opposite case.