Roberto Verdone is Full Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Bologna, where he is affiliated to the Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering Department (DEI).

He is Director of WiLab, the National Laboratory of Wireless Communications, founded in 2020 by CNIT, the Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications of Italy. He is co-director, with Dr. Wen Tong (Huawei CTO Wireless), of the WiLab-Huawei Joint Innovation Center on “Intelligent IoT for 6G”, established in October 2020.

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He got his Master and PhD degrees from the University of Bologna in 1991 and 1995, respectively. On April 1st, 1996, he joined CNR (the National Research Council) as a researcher. In 1999 he became Senior researcher of CNR. Then, in 2001, he got his position as Full Professor at the University of Bologna, where he founded a research group named Radio Networks, affiliated to WiLab.


During the past two decades he taught a number of courses in various curricula, both at the Bachelor and Master level, in Electronics, Aerospace, Management, and Telecommunications degrees, at the University of Bologna and Ferrara: on probability theory, signal theory, modulation and coding, wireless networks, mobile radio systems. He also taught courses on wireless sensor networks in Malaysia and Singapore.

Currently, he teaches a course named Radio Networks within the international Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Bologna, and two courses taken by students of other Engineering degrees: one titled Internet of Things, one Project Management and Soft Skills.

For six years, since 2008, he was the coordinator of the Master degree in Telecommunications Engineering in Bologna.

Since 2016 until 2018, he ws one of the ten members of the University Quality Committee, co-responsible for the monitoring of quality of teaching in the whole University.


His research activity is concerned with Mobile Radio Networks and the Internet of Things. Main topics investigated in the last ten years are Radio Resource Management for cellular systems, MAC and routing aspects of wireless sensor networks, and network architectures for the Internet of Things. In particular, he is currently active in the field of the integration of the IoT (Internet of Things) in 5G networks, and of UAV-aided networks.

He is part of the Networld2020 Expert Group. In such role, in 2015 he was co-editor of a White Paper on “Experimental facilities for 5G in Europe”.

He published more than 150 research papers, mostly on IEEE journals or conferences.

During his PhD in 1992 he was involved in the European research program PROMETHEUS. Since 1995 he worked in the context of research programmes funded by the Italian Ministry or Research (MIUR) and CNR, in particular in collaboration with Siemens. He also led activities in projects funded by ESA (European Space Agency), and was responsible for collaborations with industrial partners, like Telecom Italia Mobile. In 2002 he was National coordinator of GITS (GPRS for ITS), an one-year project funded by CNR. Since 2004 he participated to NEWCOM (the Network of Excellence – NoE – in Wireless COMmunications). He was NEWCOM Vice-Director. He also participated to the FP7 NoE CRUISE as responsible for UniBO activities. He coordinated activities of the University of Bologna within the ARTEMIS project eDiana. and the FP7 project WISERBAN on Body Area Networks. He was Executive Board member of FP7 NEWCOM++, the follow up of NEWCOM, representing CNIT. Later, he was Executive Board member of the follow up FP7 NEWCOM#.

Since 1997 he has been participating to COST activities, namely to COST259 and COST273: since 2001 he was Chairman of the Working Group on Network Aspects within Action COST273; he became then General Chairman for the follow up COST Action on Wireless and Mobile Communications, COST2100. He was the proponent of the COST Action IC1004 “Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments”, for which he then acted as Vice-Chairperson. He has been finally elected as one of the Core Group members of the new COST Action CA15104 IRACON.

He is member of IEEE, affiliated to GTTI, CNR and CNIT.


He was responsible for several industry projects in the past ten years, with TIM, NEC, Microsoft, SADEL, SMAIL, Centrale Adriatica, CEFLA, GD, FEV and others.