Research has been / is being conducted at RN by many people since 2001 (the side picture was made at EuCNC 2014, which we organised in Bologna: the best group I have ever had – according to what they wrote in the rear of the picture).

PhDs: Antonella Munna, Chiara Buratti (now research assistant at RN), Virginia Corvino, Flavio Fabbri, Cengiz Gezer, Francesco Pantisano, Flavia Martelli, Ramona Rosini, Danilo Abrignani, Andrea Stajkic, Stefan Mijovic, Riccardo Cavallari, Charles Jumaa Katila, Colian Giannini, Luca Feltrin.

Current PhD students: Silvia Mignardi.

Current research collaborators: Giampaolo Cuozzo, Marco Skocaj.

Current Executive Assistant and Project Manager: Alice Baldini.

Other research collaborators who were affiliated to RN for some time: Daniele Sangiorgi, Francesco Mete, Andrea Carniani, Mirko Falavigna, Marco Sinigaglia, Eugenio Giordano, Mauro Stramazzotti, Martina Barbi, Alberto Marri, Giacomo Corsi.

My former and current executive assistants and project managers: Silvia Zampese, Giorgia Bertozzi, Lucia Vitiello, Francesca Romiti.

The group had/has the privilege to collaborate with researchers from other institutions: to name some, John Orriss (Manchester Univ., UK), Mariam Kaynia (NTNU, Norway), David Gesbert (Eurecom, France), Margot Deruyck (Univ. Ghent, Belgium), Slavica Tomovic (Univ. Montenegro, Montenegro), Gordana Gardasevic (Univ. Banja Luka, Bosnia), Giuseppe Caire (TUB, Germany), Merouane Debbah (Supelec, France), and many others.