A.Y. 2023/24.

Dear student,

if you are interested to attend PMSS (Project Management and Soft Skills), first read information here, then the message below.

The course accepts a limited number of students and it is normally overbooked. To book it, you have to include it in your study plan through the usual UniBO procedures. There are many students willing to attend it and they are not accepted. Therefore, we are soliciting students who have included it in their study plan, in case they decide not to attend, to cancel PMSS from their list of courses, as soon as they can (which depends on the time window opened by their Degree). The day when a position is released, it is available for some other student.  This might in principle happen every single day until start of the course. The instructor has no visibility on this process; it is useless to ask him.

The course will start at the end of February, 2024, and will be held every week until the first week of June. Classes are given at the School of Engineering, viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna. Normally, I am assigned three hours every Friday afternoon (3 pm – 5 pm).

The course fosters interactivity among students: during the classes, group work is organised, discussions are held, forms and questionnaires are filled, tests are made. Moreover, each lecture ends with some (simple) homework to be made by the following Wednesday. For this reason, IT MAKES NO SENSE TO INCLUDE IT IN YOUR STUDY PLAN IF YOU CAN NOT ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY TO THE CLASSES.

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. If you do not attend at least 70% of classes, you will not be given access to the exam.

If you wish to know more, please check on the www.softskill4success.org website.

For any questions (except for admission: see above), do not hesitate to contact me.

Roberto Verdone