Short Bio

Roberto Verdone was born in Bologna, Italy, on August 6, 1965. He received the Laurea degree in Electronics Engineering, and his Ph.D. from the University of Bologna in 1991 and 1995, respectively.

Since 2001 he is Full Professor in Telecommunications at the University of Bologna where he joined the Department of Electronics, Computer Sciences and Systems (DEIS). Formerly he was a researcher at CSITE (a research centre of the National Research Council, CNR), now IEIIT-BO, in Telecommunications. He  collaborates to WiLab (the Wireless Communication Laboratory) activities.


He teaches two courses on Radio Systems (in Italian) and Radio Networks (in English) at the Master Sc. programme (Laurea Magistrale) in Telecommunications Engineering, and one on Wireless Sensor Networks at the International Master in Material and Sensor Systems for Environmental Technologies (MASSET), both at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna. He also gives a basic course on Telecommunications at the Laurea in Management Engineering in Bologna. He gives short courses on wireless sensor networks at the University of Oulu (Finland), in Malaysia and Singapore; he was tutorial speaker for several IEEE Conferences.


In 2001 he started creating a research group in wireless networks at the University of Bologna. His research activity is concerned with both infrastructure-based radio networks (Cellular and Mobile Radio Systems, Wireless Local Area Networks) and infrastructure-less radio networks (Ad Hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks). Main topics investigated in the last ten years are Radio Resource Management for cellular systems, and MAC, routing and topology aspects of wireless sensor networks. He published more than 100 research papers, mostly on IEEE journals or conferences.

Past Projects

During his PhD in 1992 he was involved in the European research program PROMETHEUS. Since 1995 he worked in the context of research programmes funded by the Italian Ministry or Research (MIUR) and the National Research Council, namely "TELCO" (Telecommunications network for Cooperative Driving), and "Multimedialita'", in the latter case as responsible for IEIIT-BO activities. He also led in past years activities of IEIIT-BO in projects funded by ESA (European Space Agency), and was responsible for collaborations with industrial partners, like Telecom Italia Mobile. In 2002 he was National coordinator of GITS (GPRS for ITS), an one-year project funded by CNR. Since 2004 he participated to NEWCOM (the Network of Excellence - NoE - in Wireless COMmunications). He was NEWCOM Vice-Director. He also participated to the FP7 NoE CRUISE as responsible for DEIS activities.

Current and Recent Projects

He coordinates activities of the University of Bologna within the ARTEMIS project eDiana. and the FP7 project Wiserban. He is Executive Board member of FP7 NEWCOM++, the follow up of NEWCOM, representing CNIT. He is responsible for contracts with industrial institutions on behalf of DEIS (with Telecom Italia, Microsoft Reasearch, CEA-LETI, and others). Since 1997 he has been participating to COST activities, namely to COST259 and COST273: since 2001 he was Chairman of the Working Group on Network Aspects within Action COST273; he became then General Chairman for the follow-up COST Action on Wireless and Mobile Communications, COST2100. He was the proponent of the COST Action IC1004 "Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments", for which he nows acts as Vice-Chairperson.

Other Activities

He is member of IEEE. He acted as TPC member of many IEEE conferences. Roberto Verdone was the Workshop Organiser of WWBo - The Wireless Week in Bologna, a joint NEWCOM and COST273 event that attracted almost 300 researchers in Bologna, on January 17-21, 2005. In 2008 he was General Chairman of EWSN2008, the European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, held in Bologna on Jan 30-31 and Feb 1, serving also as TPC Co-Chairman. The EWSN2008 Proceedings take the form of a book and are published by Springer. He is co-author of books published by Elsevier, and Springer,  on Wireless Sensor Networks.

Roberto Verdone is currently degree Director for the Master programme in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Bologna.