Some theses available at RadioNetworks (contact Prof. Verdone for other proposals):

- Capillary Network for Smart City Services (in cooperation with Telecom Italia Lab)

- Wireless Sensor Networks: experimental activities and analysis of testbed data on Smart City scenarios (context: industry projects).

- Wireless Sensor Networks: development of a platform enabling video-surveillance and video services over low-rate wireless communication standards in urban environments (context: industry projects)

- Wireless Sensor Networks: new routing algorithms based on Ipv6 for networks where the nodes are deployed in known positions (context: industry projects).

- Wireless Sensor Networks: investigation on coexistance between BT-LE, IEEE802.15.6 and other systems using the 2.4 GHz ISM band in realistic environments (context: EC Project WiserBAN).

- Body Communications: experimental activities based on Icycom platform (context: Project WiserBAN)

- Person2Person Networks: study and implementation of sociomobility models for people networks in indoor or outdoor environments (context: EC Project Newcom#)

- Person2Person Networks: measurement-based development of routing protocols for indoor or outdoor environments (context: EC Project Newcom#)

- Ad Hoc Networks: theoretical investigation of network connectivity with MAC (context: EC Project Newcom++/#).

- Hybrid Networks: opportunistic networking in LTE / short range communication environments (context: EC Project Newcom++/#).

- Ad Hoc Networks with cognitive radio approach: modelling and simulation (context: EC Project COST IC1004).

- Body Communications: simulation of IEEE802.15.6 based networks.

Other theses are available at other institutions, either in Italy, Europe or US, collaborating with RadioNetworks (see here)